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This house is located on an island called Elliðaey, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The house was given to singer, Bjork from her motherland as a “Thank You” for putting Iceland on the international map.

(photos by zanthia)

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I like to pretend I'm alone. Completely alone. Maybe post apocalypse, or plague, whatever. No one left to act normal for, no need to hide who I really am, it would be freeing.
— Dexter Morgan
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The Ultimate One Man Hotbox

Scary guy!!!
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Help us make Soup more safe for work Last week we launched some experimental features to allow users to flag content that is "not safe for work" (by which we mostly mean pornography and "shock" content), both on individual Soups and in the Everyone stream. While we do not believe in censorship and support your right to post anything not conflicting with Austrian law on your own Soup, we do have to keep the Everyone view mostly clean. Once flagged, a member of the Soup team will check out the supposedly offensive content and, if confirmed, hide that Soup from the Everyone stream. This does not, however, affect its posts showing up in Friends streams of people who are specifically following the Soup. If this system works, we will later add self-reporting, a NSFW toggle switch and per-post filtering – right now we just implemented the minimal technical solution. What do you think? A much-needed cleanup of Everyone? Or too much Big Brother for your tastes?
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bulterier samson i ja, waldemar borzestowski

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Opt-out | AIR application analytics | Android

sed -e 's/' < Test.smali

Opt-out | AIR application analytics | Android

Example: In the event that your package deal identify can be inside file Test.smali, then affect the title to end up being able to making use of your subsequent command:. Note: Consist Of at least 1 single dot (.) within your application bundle name. The Particular Android SDK sets this limitation regarding creating just about any APK
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Niektórzy ludzie przestali poszukiwać piękna, a potem dziwią się, że ich życie jest takie brzydkie. Nie stań się jedną z takich osób. Zdolność do podziwiania piękna pochodzi od Boga. Zwłaszcza piękna w drugim człowieku. Poszukaj piękna w każdym, kogo spotkasz, a na pewno je znajdziesz. Każdy nosi w sobie odprysk boskości. I każdy, kogo spotkamy, ma nam coś do przekazania.
— Richard Paul Evans
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Beautiful Dance Moves

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If you are going through hell, keep going
— Winston Churchill
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